Practical Usage Outlining sectors that require special gases or gas mixtures

There are virtually no areas of research, medicine or industry which do not have a requirement for special gases or gas mixtures of some kind.

The sectors outlined on this page show typical examples of calibration gas applications.
Leak Detection Helium in air or nitrogen used with thermal conductivity or mass spectrometer detectors.

Nuclear Counter Saturated hydrocarbons in argon or helium.

Gas Chromatography Various calibration gases for different detectors.
Blood Gas Analysis Two and three component mixtures of carbon dioxide oxygen and nitrogen.

Lung Diffusion Tests Carbon monoxide and helium in air.

Gas Chromatography Biological Atmospheres Various mixtures made up from hydrogen, carbon monoxide, nitrogen and oxygen.
Automotive Exhaust Emissions Mixtures of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide and saturated hydrocarbons in nitrogen.

Environmental Pollution Toxic gases in air or nitrogen.

Lasers Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium.

Food Industry Various mixtures for controlled and modified atmospheres for packaging and storage of foodstuffs.

Petrochemicals Mixtures of saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons in nitrogen.
SIP Analytical Ltd manufactures an extremely wide range of bespoke, high purity, calibration gas mixtures for use in many markets and applications.
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