Speciality Gases

As an established Speciality Gases manufacturer, SIP Analytical provide a wide range of bespoke, high purity, calibration gas mixtures for use in many markets and applications. The special gas mixture components are taken from a stock of over 250 permanent gases, vapours and low vapour pressure chemicals.
Specialty gases are high-quality gases that differ from industrial or bulk gases in the degree of purity and precision with which they are manufactured. They are used in a variety of settings including hospitals and research laboratories.

They have a number of industrial uses as well and may be used in welding, in oil and petroleum pipelines, in food packaging and more. Specialty gases may be sold on their own as high purity gases or they may be part of gas mixtures.

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Specialty gases come packaged in cylinders that vary in size, shape and construction material depending on the type of gases and their uses. Cylinders are generally portable in size although specialty gases are also available in much larger containers for some uses.

They are important in calibrating equipment to maintain air safety in potentially hazardous workplaces, in medical testing, in pollution control and more, specialty gases must meet rigorous standards

The purity of a specialty gas whether as part of a mix or on its own is essential to accuracy and to ensure that analytical instruments work effectively.

Any trace impurities must be noted and quantified to maintain this accuracy. Specialty gases therefore are more costly than lower-grade gases due to the complexity of preparing them.

Our gas mixtures are supplied in a range of refillable high pressure aluminium alloy cylinders and also non-refillable cylinders. The cylinder contents extend from 20 litres to 2600 litres.

High pressure cylinders may be purchased outright or rented (UK only). Steel lecture bottles are also available filled with either high purity gaseous chemicals or special gas mixtures.

To complement our range of gases and gas mixtures we offer a full range of precision gas control equipment. Please click on our images above for more information.

All SIP Analytical Certified and Diamond Grade gas mixtures are fully traceable to recognised reference standards.

All pressure regulators are fitted with stainless steel diaphragms and those which are used with reactive or acid forming gas mixture components have stainless steel bodies.

Constant flow pressure regulators are available for refillable and non-refillable cylinders.

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SIP Analytical Ltd manufactures an extremely wide range of bespoke, high purity, calibration gas mixtures for use in many markets and applications.
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