Non-refillable Cylinders A closer look at SIP Analytical's Non-refillable Cylinders

SIP Analytical offers most compositions of special gas mixtures in non-refillable aluminium alloy cylinders as an alternative to high pressure cylinders. Cylinders are purchased outright and so there no cylinder rental charges with our non refillable containers.

The smallest size of non refillable container is the 12 litre pressure can which is filled to a pressure of 12 bar and fitted with a simple aerosol type valve. This size of can uses a fine control valve fitted with a flow indicator. The can is 230mm long, 78mm in diameter and weighs 0.3kg.

An exciting new addition to our range is the larger SIPCYL 110 non-refillable cyllinder which contains 110 litres of special gas mixture at a pressure of 68 bar. Mixtures include those containing reactive halogen components such as hydrogen chloride and chlorine. The SIPCYL 110 cylinder uses a constant flow pressure regulator which is pre-set to deliver a flow rate of either 0.5 litres per minute or 1.5 litres per minute.

The SIPCYL110 is 360mm long, 88mm in diameter and weighs 1.4kg.
SIPCYL 110 non-refillable cylinder (left), 20 litre non-refillable pressure can
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