Refillable Cylinders A closer look at SIP Analytical's Refillable Cylinders

SIP Analytical special gas mixtures are available in lightweight aluminium alloy cylinders which may be purchased outright or supplied on a rental basis. Three alternative cylinder sizes are offered.
The standard valve has a 5/8" B.S.P. left hand male top outlet connection and can be used with any gas mixture. Alternative cylinder valves are available including BS3, BS4, BS14, BS15 and C10. Please enquire if you require any other cylinder valve pattern. The available cylinder sizes are given below:

  Water Capacity (litres)
2.00 6.80 23.60
Contents in litres at 110 bar
220 740 2600
Approx. weight of cylinder with valve (kg)
2.00 6.00 21.70
dimensions (mm)
465 x 182 648 x 153 1283 x 191
Small sized cylinder (left), Medium sized cylinder (middle), Large refillable cylinder (right)
Steel lecture bottle (image is not to scale and is enlarged for display purposes only) Steel lecture bottles are available on an outright purchase basis. They have a water capacity of approximately 0.4 litres and contain up to 50 litres of gas when filled to full pressure of 110 bar.

Brass lecture bottle valves have CGA 170 external threads and CGA 110 internal threads.
Stainless steel lecture bottle valves have CGA 180 external threads and CGA 110 internal threads.
Lecture bottles are 370mm long, 50mm in diameter and weigh approximately 1.2kg
SIP Analytical Ltd manufactures an extremely wide range of bespoke, high purity, calibration gas mixtures for use in many markets and applications.
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