Gas Control Equipment

To complement our High Purity Gas mixtures and Speciality Gases SIP Analytical offer a comprehensive range of gas control equipment.
  • 5001 Pressure Regulator
  • Control valve with flow indicator used on 20 litre pressure can
  • Flowmeter
  • Constant flow pressure regulator for use on SIPCYL 110 non-refillable cylinders
  • Chromium plated cylinder valve
  • Brass cylinder valve
  • Aluminium cylinder valve
  • Lecture bottle valve
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x 5001 Pressure Regulator

5001 Pressure Regulator

- Cylinder pressure gauge ( 0 - 200 bar )
- Outlet pressure gauge ( 0 - 4 bar )
- Outlet connection 3/8" BSP male
- Body ports 1/4" NPT female
- Brass body
- Nickel plated brass bonnet
- 316 stainless steel diaphragm
- 316 stainless steel valve
- 316 stainless steel valve spring
- Teflon valve seat
x Control Valve 20 litre

Control Valve 20 litre

- No further information is available
x Flowmeter


Flowrates available
- 0.04 to 0.5 litres per minute
- 0.3 to 3 litres per minute
- 0 to 14 litres per minute
x Constant Flow Pressure Regulator for use on SIPCYL 110 Non-refillable Cylinders

Constant Flow Pressure Regulator for use on
SIPCYL 110 Non-refillable Cylinders

- Cylinder pressure gauge ( 0 - 200 bar )
- Constant outlet flowrate
- Either 0.5 litres per minute
- Or 1.5 litres per minute
- Inlet connection C10
- Outlet connection hose tail
x Chromium-plated Cylinder Valve

Chromium-plated Cylinder Valve

- No further information is available
x Brass Cylinder Valve

Brass Cylinder Valve

- No further information is available
x Aluminium Cylinder Valve

Aluminium Cylinder Valve

- No further information is available
x Lecture Bottle Valve

Lecture Bottle Valve

- No further information is available
Ensuring you have correct high quality gas control equipment is essential for accuracy and effectiveness of processes as well as for safety reasons. Purchasing the right equipment involves making sure the equipment is right for the type of High Purity Gas or Speciality Gases

When purchasing pressure regulators, maintaining high purity is important with some types of gases while low flow is essential with others and a gas like carbon dioxide needs a regulator that can prevent problems with freezing up.

Flowmeters are a type of gas control equipment that measure the flow rate of a gas. This measurement may be taken in a number of ways depending on the type of gas.

Other factors including the expertise of the personnel using the flowmeter in calibration and other aspects should be considered as well when purchasing flowmeters.

Some Control valves may vary in construction material, in angle and in the size of tapers allowing for different degrees of precision in releasing gas.

Various types of replacement cylinder valves can prevent errors such as the pin-index pattern that ensures a cylinder cannot be wrongly connected. American, German and British standards of CGA, BS and DIN are all available.

Our single and multi-stage pressure regulators are supplied with gauges showing cylinder contents and outlet pressure, as well as the correct connection for the cylinder valve outlets.

The SIP Analytical product range also includes manifolds, pipelines, gas distribution systems and protective clothing such as spectacles, goggles and gloves.

Some of the more popular items of gas control equipment are as follows:
  • 5001 single-stage chromium plated pressure regulators for use with non-corrosive gases and mixtures in high pressure cylinders

  • Lecture bottle pressure regulator

  • Multi-stage pressure regulators for non-corrosive service

  • Fixed-flow pressure regulators with cylinder contents gauge and on/off control

  • Stainless steel pressure regulators for use with corrosive and/or acid forming gases and mixtures

  • Fine control valve with flow indicator for use with disposable pressure cans

  • High-flow pressure regulator

  • High outlet pressure regulators

  • Bobbin type flowmeters covering several ranges of flow rate

  • Replacement cylinder valves in BS, CGA, DIN or pin-index pattern

SIP Analytical supply a comprehensive range of Gas Control Equipment

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